Creating Balance!

That’s right, I said CREATING balance .. We CAN create our own balance!


Because unfortunately for a lot of people it doesn’t come naturally.. It is something that we ourselves have to create! But don’t think that’s a bad thing, here I’ve some tips on helping you to create your work/life/family/exercise (etc. etc. etc.) balance.

We all have only 24 hours in a day and probably 101 things that NEED to be done! Many of us have family, work, home and a social life to juggle and sometimes it can become too much! Blimey, I’ve been that person thinking “I can’t do this” and I’ve been that person saying no to all and any social gatherings because I’m conscious of everything else I should be doing, however lately I’ve been making a more beneficial conscious effort to create balance with my work and life!

I often work unsocial hours (evenings and weekends) due to my busy class schedule (and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT) but there has been times when friends have been getting together or the boyfriend wants to plan a date night or weekend away that I’ve had to decline, and it sucks! BUT by following a few of these simple tips I’ve managed to open myself up to so much more and actually give myself the opportunity to LIVE and enjoy the ride that is life! Including making time to workout myself and to run again without putting too much on my body… And here’s how! 😀

Creating Balance!!

Blaance pebbles

1. What does balance mean to you?

Take a moment to actually think about that question.  What does balance mean to you?  Our days are constantly changing and our priorities change from day to day so that question may mean something different every single day! And hey you know what? That’s ok.  That leads me onto how to deal with those constant changes:

2. Plan and Prioritise

Ha! If my boyfriend were to read this he’d look in disgust. He hates planning! Which is why I do it for the both of us 😛 Having a planner makes a huge difference!! Prioritise what means the most to you and what NEEDS to be done! You need to prioritise a little bit of both! The mundane and the desired!  If that means you book in a date night with your loved one, or a day out with the family then DO IT! Book your workouts in on a weekly basis so you know that on Wednesday you’re going for a run! Why not try exercising with a friend and hold yourself accountable…

3. Hold yourself accountable but at the same time remember.. You are not a superhero!

Well there’s a contradiction if ever I heard one! Hehehe! That may be a tricky one to understand but I mean it! It is down to YOU to create the balance that you want and need, unfortunately we don’t find it.  You need to plan and prioritise but at the same time if something props up and something else falls at the wayside, try not to be too hard on yourself! Sometimes life really does get in the way, as I said before our days are constantly changing! Don’t beat yourself up over it! Learn from it, pick yourself up and keep on going!


4. Keep a diary

If you’re like me, I can’t even remember what I did at the weekend! Yeh, I remember the things I want to remember but what was I doing for that hour here and that hour there?! Not a clue!  Keep a diary and take note of what you do / have done, then you can see where your time is spent!

5. Take some “me time” every single day

That could be 5 minutes of that could be a whole afternoon! Take that time to yourself EVERY single day! Take the time to re-group and re-gather! Take a moment to be completely stress free, whether that be going for a walk and leaving your phone at home, reading a book for half an hour or meditating even for 5-10 minutes! I promise you’ll return to your day feeling a whole lot better and refreshed!


6. & Finally EXERCISE!

Because this is a health and fitness blog after all… Ha! Just kidding! Research has recently shown those busy professionals who took time out in their week to exercise had reduced stress levels, improved confidence in both their work and home lives and had a sense of “getting things done”.  Take time out, appreciate the tranquility of the outdoors, the endorphins that are released during and after exercising are bound to leave you feeling more positive about EVERYTHING!  Also a new post coming soon – Exercising for the Non Exerciser! Because it really can be fore EVERYONE! 😀

Have a great week all! Enjoy!



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