Detoxing: The Low Down (& A Cheeky Detox Smoothie Recipe)

Detox and Cleanse

The Christmas Festivities are behind us (BOO)…. The New Year is upon us (YAY)….

Some of you may be thinking of starting 2016 with a little Detox following indulgences over Christmas (Rightly so, Christmas only comes once a year)!

Here’s a little guide to Detoxing that I’ve put together for you guys! Pro’s and con’s, do’s and don’ts, why and how!

What is a Detox?

A process or period of time in which you rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

The foods you are “allowed” and “not allowed” to eat vary between Detoxes, but generally it will include eating: fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and drinking herbal teas.  Often a Detox will avoid: wheat, caffeine, alcohol, salt, sugar and processed foods.

You can change many aspects of living during a “Detox period”, not only through your diet.  I personally use Yoga to help Detox my mind and body.  It is thought that inversions, twists and relaxation can help “rid the body of toxins”.  Mediation can be extremely effective in detoxing the mind and the spirit, letting go of thoughts that do not hold a purpose or serve you. I will be doing ANOTHER BLOG POST ON HOW YOGA AND MEDITATION CAN DETOX THE BODY, MIND & SPIRIT SOON! 😀


How long does a Detox period last?

A Detox period can last anything from 1 day to 4 weeks.

Pros of a Detox:

*Increased energy and vitality

*Improved function of your liver and kidneys

*Good for digestive health & rids the body of excess waste products

*Improved Nutrient Absorption & Stronger Immune System

*Encourages Changes to Healthy Living

*Aids Weight Loss (*See comments below*)

*Promotes a Sense of Wellbeing and Happiness

Cons of a Detox:

-Depending on the Detox you choose, you could be eating a calorie deficit

-*Detoxes do not necessarily lead to long term weight loss, often the initial weight you lose during a Detox period is water

-Detoxes can be hard to follow & you may initially experience withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and mixed emotions.  It may be beneficial to “ease” or “phrase” yourself into a Detox depending on the length of the Detox.

-Detoxes can sometimes lack nutrients.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Detox:

>DO your research into the different types of Detoxes.  Be sure to choose the right one for you, that may mean trying a one day detox before going full blown into a 4 week period.

>Do get plenty of sleep whilst on your Detox.  Guidelines suggest you should get a minimum of 7 – 8 hours uninterrupted sleep.

>Do drink plenty of water and keep hydrated.

>DON’T exercise excessively during a Detox Period.

>DON’T revert back to old habits straight away, try reintroducing those foods that you’ve cut out gradually.

>DON’T beat yourself up if you slip up… It is important not to obsess.  You’re only human at the end of the day! 🙂

Now time for a cheeky


1 x pear (cored)

1 x small sweet apple (cored)

Handful of frozen spinach

1 tsp grated ginger

2/3 medjool dates (for sweetness)

1 cup water/non-dairy milk e.g. almond or coconut/coconut water

Optional extras: chia seeds, flaxseed

Whiz all together and enjoy!

Happy New Year my lovely lot! Let me know, if you try any detoxes and how you get on!

Peace, love and happiness to you all!

Emily-Jane, EnerJize Fitness

**Disclaimer: There has been no scientific evidence that Detoxes do or don’t work or their exact purpose.


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