‘Tis the season to…. BBQ! Recipes Inside :)

Recipes to create a perfect Barbie setting.. For the vegetarian!


I’m sitting here, writing this blog post and uploading my recipes for the perfect BBQ. I look out of the window and see the large black clouds rolling in, and the small rain drops as they splash to the ground.  And suddenly I feel a little crazy! WHO is going to be BBQing in this weather?

Well then, you’re in luck my friends because any of these beauties can be put in the oven anyway! WOOHOO!

We were promised (as we are every year), that we were going to have the hottest summer on record.  I can’t help laughing at a photo I took of me and my running guys absolutely drenched the other night!

DSC_0494 (1)

We’ve since been told that we’re having the wettest June on record!

Despite the weather, my fiancé and I have treated ourselves to back to back barbies, and even been out and bought ourselves a new charcoal BBQ.

So I thought I would chance my arm at some BBQ Veggie Recipes….. I made these B-E-A-UTIFUL vegetable kebabs which went down a storm! They took me 5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to cook…. And equal time to eat! 😉




Peppers (mix of colours)

Cherry Tomatoes

Halloumi Cheese (because it’s just so freaking delicious!)


Easy as 1, 2, 3! Cut everything into 2″ x 2″ cubes or squares.

Whack ’em onto skewers & BBQ for 5 mins (or until desired texture / colour).

BOOM! Enjoy 🙂

Now! Onto the real reason why you guys are here!… For these!!


Homemade Sweet Potato Burger!

Full of flavour, goodness and deliciousness! You have GOT to try these! Tested them on my, very much a meat eater, fiancé and my mum and they went down a storm!

So let’s just get straight into it…


2 x Roasted Sweet Potatoes, middle scooped out

1 x 400g can Butter Beans, drained and mashed

70g Mixed Seeds, I used pumpkin, sunflower, poppy & pine nuts

1tsp Chia Seeds

2 x Garlic Cloves, crushed

2tbsp Tahini

1tsp Cumin

1tsp Hot Chilli Powder

1/2tsp Cinnamon

1/2tsp Cayenne Pepper

Flaked Almonds, to coat with (optional)


*If you are baking these rather than BBQing them, then begin by preheating the oven to 200c Fan*

Mash together the roasted sweet potato (without the flesh) and the butter beans.

Mix in the seeds, garlic, tahini and ALL of the seasonings (cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon and cayenne pepper).

Spoon mixture out and press in to burgers / patties around 3in x 3in.

Press burgers / patties into flaked almonds to coat.

BBQ each side until browned or place on a non stick pan and bake for around 35 minutes.


I served my in a brioche bun with tomatoes, halloumi and avocado and I’ve got to say, it was freaking DELISH!


Let me know if you try these and leave a comment below! Love hearing from you guys!


P.s The sun has literally just come out as I come to the end of this post 🙂


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