What I Ate….

Why hello there my friends.. My next post is about What I ate… On Tuesday 😀

Green Smoothie

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Detoxing: The Low Down (& A Cheeky Detox Smoothie Recipe)

Detox and Cleanse

The Christmas Festivities are behind us (BOO)…. The New Year is upon us (YAY)….

Some of you may be thinking of starting 2016 with a little Detox following indulgences over Christmas (Rightly so, Christmas only comes once a year)!

Here’s a little guide to Detoxing that I’ve put together for you guys! Pro’s and con’s, do’s and don’ts, why and how!

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It’s been HOW LONG since I’ve posted? *shock horror*

Hellooooo everyone and Happy Hump Day!!

WOW I just logged into my blog and saw how long ago my last post was?! I’m slightly embarrassed and want to apologise for being AWOL recently!  BUT I’ve got good news… I am back with revengeance 😀 Mwahaha!

So since I last posted on here I’ve changed jobs!! I am now pursuing my career in health and fitness FULL TIME! I’m oober excited as I anticipate to have more time to spend on here writing blog posts/workouts/recipes/product reviews etc. for you lovely people!  I’ve also now nearly finished my Teaching Yoga Diploma AND I’ve signed up to complete my Personal Training Diploma.

Cheeky lil selfie in the new “office”


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Prevent chocolate cravings (post Easter weekend) 🐰🍫

Hey beautiful people!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Easter bank holiday weekend?! What have y’all got up to?  Mine has been immense, busy, but the best!

My boyf and I went and chose, ordered and paid for a new kitchen for our home and I am sooo excited! Got to wait 4 weeks (argh how am I going to do that?) but it’ll be worth it! I ran my last long run before I compete in the marathon next weekend woohoo! We socialised with our amazing friends and family! AND my boyf and I woke up super early this morning to go out on the mountain bike and watch the sunrise? Was again totally worth it, what do you guys think:

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Best Beauty Products Post Workout

Ahhh the life of a Fitness Instructor …… You are constantly sweating, constantly in need of a shower and your hair is constantly tied up in a bun (it really is better that way)!!

That aside, it really is amazing! You get to socialise, inspire and workout all the whist WORKING!  I have met some of my greatest friends through the gym and the classes that I teach (and still try to attend).  It’s been incredible to meet so many like minded people and to work with them in reaching their goals.

The teeny tiny downside?!….. Is that my skin and hair can suffer! Sweat is made up of 95% water and therefore is great in clearing our skin’s pores, rinsing the body of any toxins and easing any aches or pains….. Sweating is great, it’s the showering that dries my skin out and therefore I’ve searched high and low for just a handful of products that really work post workout!  These are a must to try…..

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