Take the stairs – it’ll get you fit!

So we all know when we’re in the shopping centres, or the office, or the tube stations we REALLY SHOULD be taking the stairs…. We all know that it could improve our fitness by taking the stairs… But do we know to what extent?

Mickleham steps, Surrey, England

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Why do we run? Why, running is good for us..

So in the title heading I ask why do we run? The real question is why wouldn’t we run? When there’s so many freaking awesome benefits of it!

I’ve had many a workout sessions in the gym, hell I spend a lot of time there what with teaching exercise classes.. BUT in the past couple of years (and when I was at school) I’ve run! I love running!

I used to be a fair weather runner, thinking “do you know how long it takes to dry my hair?” Now I don’t care what the weather, I get out there and run! Check out my other post of tips for running in the winter!

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5 Tips for Winter Running ☔️🌌

For those of you that don’t know me, I love running – the sense of freedom when in the countryside, the ache I feel in my legs after a long run and the challenges I encounter when trail running and hill running!!

However…. I have always been a fair weather runner. Mainly because I’ve not got time to keep washing my hair 😉 I’m now training for my first marathon (taking place next year) and am going to keep up my training whatever the weather!

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