Spinning Music Playlist – HIIT HARD

Hey all! Happy Hump Day!

Soooo, I often get asked about tracks and music that I use during my Spinning classes, therefore I had anticipated uploading some of my playlists onto this blog also…

Hopefully by uploading spinning music, my lovely clients can find the song they enjoyed during the class but also if you too are an instructor, you may want to use some of the tracks I list here! I spend a LOT of time putting together my playlists and LOVE doing it!

WARNING: I have a very varied music taste…. I love EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Ha! My guys who come to my classes have experienced everything from rock to rap, from jazz to soul and from country to chart! Keeps them/you on your toes I guess 😉

This playlist here is one that I used recently and personally LOVED it! I really felt like the whole class worked their asses off and you know it’s been a good class when there is not one person who isn’t dripping in sweat…..


This entire playlist is based on the HIIT principle High Intensity Interval Training.  That means during the effort intervals, you put in 100% Max effort, and you rest on the periods in between!! We want nothing, and I mean NOTHING, left in the tank by the end of the class! 🙂

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