Slight delay with this post and yet still completely relevant!  Whether it’s wellbeing week or any other week, we all need time out at some point or another.

This is something that I’ve had to learn to do – seems crazy but I’m sure we all get wrapped up in what needs doing, whether it be that gym class we’ve booked onto, dinner that hasn’t been cooked, housework which needs doing, the children’s homework they need help with… Our to do lists are endless!  We often forget to just RELAX!

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I’ve just given myself a slap on the wrist….

I meant to post this yesterday but what with a day at my full time job, teaching a yoga class and a spinning class and running 7.5 miles on my lunch … I suddenly ran out of time 😞 I had to cram dinner in there too and a teeny little bit of time with my boyfriend! 👌

I’ve written a few posts about stretching, yoga, foam rolling and all things good associated with it! That’s because I always feel better having done any of the above! Particularly yoga baybee! I’ve been trying to practice yoga every day since I started studying my diploma and wow do I feel better for it! Physically, mentally and spiritually! I would suggest if you’ve never tried yoga, TRY IT!!! And that goes for anybody and everybody!

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Let’s stretch it out (at home 🏡 woohoo)

Now the reason I get excited about stretching at home is in the past few years, and since buying my own house with the Boyfriend, I have become a major home bird!!

Anyways, let’s go back to basics and talk about stretch baby! Since starting my yoga diploma I really try to squeeze as much stretching into my busy fitness routine as I can. You know why? Because it is so valuable to improving physical and mental performance!

Stretching before exercise….

Stretching after exercise…..

Stretching at your desk…..

Stretching after a long car journey…..

Stretching when we wake up or jump out of bed in the morning…

We all do it, sometimes without even realising!

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My go to yoga stretches for squats!

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the squat challenge I set last week, I sure am! I thought what better to post next, than my go to stretches for squats!

Teaching and studying yoga has really given me an insight into the importance of stretching both pre and post exercise. Stretching and yoga have so many benefits including, increased range of motion and flexibility, it can help to prevent injury, it reduces the effect of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness – that achey feeling you feel after exercise) and I personally find it amazing for de-stressing.

Now that you know how darn amazing stretching is, try these stretches/yoga poses/asanas before squatting:

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