So I’d like to think I eat healthily 80% of the time! The other 20% consists of treat / cheat meals!

There’s nothing wrong with treat meals, these are what keep us on track while leading a clean and healthy eating habit.  The best thing about eating healthily is we don’t DIET! I saw a great little quote the other day:


I love trying other people’s healthy recipes as I’m not the most inventive! BUT what I am good at, is finding a recipe and adapting it to make it healthier or more to my taste (and hopefully yours too).  My recipes are dedicated to people who want to cook healthy, delicious and easy meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks! Please check out my recipes page and have a go at them. Let me know how you get on or any changes you make! 🙂 Feedback is always welcome!

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🙂 Emily-Jane

EnerJize Fitness


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